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EMC World 2015 Fulldome Projection

EMC has once again called upon our team to deliver the ultimate fulldome video solution for their annual EMC World 2015 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada!

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Dome Programming & Immersive Dome Experiences

Immersive Experiential specializes in delivering world class immersive dome programming for all of our dome venue installations. We can provide our clients with custom fulldome programming or can offer a library of fulldome shows that are available for license.

We also co-produces a number of dome shows that we prototype at our fulldome theater, dome studio, and immersive events venue.

An area of focus for our dome programming is developing live shows in domes that feature live performances in domes that interface with the dome programming in unique ways. We are developing real-time interactive applications that allow for the performers to manipulate imagery in the domes and enhance their performances. We can tailor the  content to match a performance in an immersive display format that provides unique experiences for an audience.

Our team consists of some of the top visual effects artists, real-time interactive programmers, and producers in Hollywood and the world and combine to deliver these powerful immersive experiences. We scale our dome programming productions to meet project requirements and pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to design and specify their content to meet those specifications, budget, scope, and vision.

More Immersive Experiences Options:

Projection Mapping

Digital Theming

3D + Holographic Displays

Projection Spheres

LED Video

Geodesic Domes – EMC World 2012

Our team created and produced an immersive cinema dome experience for the recent EMC² World 2012 IT Technology Conference in Las Vegas, NV. Audiences were wowed by an original six minute film produced by Immersive Experiential presenting the future of cloud computing and EMC’s innovative solutions in the industry. Immersive Mobile Geodesic Domes were the perfect solution to provide this temporary fulldome theater.

EMC² is a $20 billion supplier of storage and cloud computing solutions and services.  EMC World attracted 17,000 attendees and our immersive dome was at the centerpiece of this year’s conference.  The company approached Immersive Experiential with a desire to visualize The Cloud and Big Data, with the tag lines “Cloud Transforms IT,” “Big Data Transforms Business,” and Trust Transforms Cloud.”  What better way to visualize the cloud than in a 360 degree dome theater?

Using one of the 35’ diameter geodesic domes with an immersive dome projection and playback system, 5.1 surround audio and a 360-degree LED cove light system. The 6-minute program combined live action and captivating animations demonstrating the evolution of data storage, cloud computing and the importance of security protection. Visualizations included a trip through a “data galaxy,” earth data visualizations, and journey into a network cloud fighting off cyber-attacks. The trip ends with a camera pullback revealing the entire data universe within a smart phone held by an EMC employee standing in a data center.

Guests lined up outside of the dome set in the middle of the trade show floor for a chance to experience the immersive activation in one of our geodesic domes and fulldome theater venues. Thousands of guests saw the show over two days of operation.  Immersive Experiential was thrilled to produce this incredible synthesis between data technology and immersive media, and looks forward to future collaborations with EMC².

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