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IBM Open for Data Dome Sizzle Video

Immersive Experiential produced the “Open for Data” dome for IBM’s annual InterConnect conference in Las Vegas. The 80′ diameter inflatable dome venue featured an interactive dome presentation, live dome VJ experience that combined to wow the guests at the event.

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IBM Open For Data Immersive Dome 2016

Immersive Experiential provided an 80′ diameter inflatable immersive dome for IBM’s InterConnect 2016 at Mandalay Bay Resort and Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The immersive dome feature an interior fulldome 360 degree dome projection system and immersive dome media server that has been custom developed by IMRSV-X.


IMRSV-X specializes in all types of immersive dome projection and other immersive displays but the inflatable domes are highly unique and are amazing venues for experiential marketing events and brand activations that will make a brand or product leave a lasting impression on the attendees and generate buzz.

The exterior of the immersive dome was branded with vinyl decals but these inflatable domes can also feature 360 degree projection mapping for all types of applications.

Over two days the guests of the events were treated to a host of experiences in the immersive dome from a real-time interactive dome presentation by executives to a custom video game on the dome to real-time VJ’ing of dome visuals during the closing party.

200′ “Colossal Dome” @ E3 Convention in LA 2015

Immersive Experiential was called upon work with an amazing production team to deliver the world’s largest immersive video projection dome for this year’s E3 convention in Los Angeles, CA. This inflatable dome is an air supported opaque projection dome that is 200′ or 61m in diameter and nearly 100′ in height. The IMRSV-X Mobile Dome was erected at the Los Angeles Colosseum near downtown and played host to over 3,000 screaming fans of world famous DJ Snake, Skrillex and a special guest appearance by Diplo. The guests were treated to an amazing 360-degree video display on the dome interior that immersed the audience in fulldome visuals that were live-mixed to the DJ’s that were performing. The venue took 3 days to erect and was only up for 1 night. In addition to 24x 26K lumen Barco DLP video projectors, the production included high powered lasers, external lighting effects and a massive lighting array on the exterior of the dome.

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Nokia Lab Inflatable Dome @ SXSW 2012

When Nokia decided to light up the recent South By Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas for the launch of their new Lumia smart phone featuring the new Windows 8 operating system they called on our team and our partner High Beam Events to deliver an immersive experience like no other in the form of an inflatable dome.

Offering its signature line of translucent, inflatable domes featuring immersive video projection we provided the Tri Dome for this project that featured over 4,000 sq. ft. of floor area and immersive dome projections, Nokia set out to recreate the arctic feel of its native Finland.

We created original programming for the inflatable dome that featured a multitouch table showing northern lights that were projected onto the dome as well as a number of unique animations and effects that featured the phones. Also, our cutting edge real-time server technology allowed for guests to Tweet directly to the dome which was a big hit with the SXSW crowd.

The event featured 5 days of bands, DJs, and performers along with a host of cool experiences in the immersive inflatable dome and quickly became the “can’t miss” event of the festival.

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Inflatable Domes – Xbox Fan Dome @ Super Bowl XLVI

Immersive Experiential delivers experiential product interaction and deep brand impact with our Immersive Mobile Inflatable Domes for Xbox Kinect and the NFL at Super Bowl 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana called the Xbox Kinect NFL Play60 Fan Dome!

Recently we teamed with the 2012 Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee, Xbox Kinect, and NFL Play60 to bring an immersive and interactive gaming and fan experience to their vision for the Super Bowl Village which spanned a swath of downtown Indy from Lucas Oil Stadium (home of the Indianapolis Colts and Super Bowl XLVI) to Bankers Life Fieldhouse (home of the Indiana Pacers). We proposed the inflatable domes because of their ability to have both internal and external video projection and immersive the audience in media environments.

This first of its kind immersive dome experience featured real-time CG, fulldome cinema, interactive control, and live dome VJ-ing for over 50,000 visitors to the Super Bowl Village. Xbox Kinect game stations were featured around the dome floor that allowed current and future fans of the innovative new gesture based gaming system an opportunity to try new games, experience the platform, and be blown away by amazing dome visuals.

  • Immersive_Dome_Xbox_Kinect_Play60_Fan_Dome_Super_Bowl_2012_004 (3)
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  • Immersive_Dome_Xbox_Kinect_Play60_Fan_Dome_Super_Bowl_2012_004 (6)
  • Immersive_Dome_Xbox_Kinect_Play60_Fan_Dome_Super_Bowl_2012_004 (5)
  • Immersive_Dome_Xbox_Kinect_Play60_Fan_Dome_Super_Bowl_2012_004 (4)