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Nokia Lab Inflatable Dome @ SXSW 2012

When Nokia decided to light up the recent South By Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas for the launch of their new Lumia smart phone featuring the new Windows 8 operating system they called on our team and our partner High Beam Events to deliver an immersive experience like no other in the form of an inflatable dome.

Offering its signature line of translucent, inflatable domes featuring immersive video projection we provided the Tri Dome for this project that featured over 4,000 sq. ft. of floor area and immersive dome projections, Nokia set out to recreate the arctic feel of its native Finland.

We created original programming for the inflatable dome that featured a multitouch table showing northern lights that were projected onto the dome as well as a number of unique animations and effects that featured the phones. Also, our cutting edge real-time server technology allowed for guests to Tweet directly to the dome which was a big hit with the SXSW crowd.

The event featured 5 days of bands, DJs, and performers along with a host of cool experiences in the immersive inflatable dome and quickly became the “can’t miss” event of the festival.

  • SXSW_Dome_Int_009_lg
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