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Dr. Strange animated bill board on Sunset Strip

Immersive Experiential helped create the “portal” effect for a Dr. Strange bill board on Sunset Strip.  Such a ground-breaking movie deserved to have their marketing enhanced with projection mapping.

200′ “Colossal Dome” @ E3 Convention in LA 2015

Immersive Experiential was called upon work with an amazing production team to deliver the world’s largest immersive video projection dome for this year’s E3 convention in Los Angeles, CA. This inflatable dome is an air supported opaque projection dome that is 200′ or 61m in diameter and nearly 100′ in height. The IMRSV-X Mobile Dome was erected at the Los Angeles Colosseum near downtown and played host to over 3,000 screaming fans of world famous DJ Snake, Skrillex and a special guest appearance by Diplo. The guests were treated to an amazing 360-degree video display on the dome interior that immersed the audience in fulldome visuals that were live-mixed to the DJ’s that were performing. The venue took 3 days to erect and was only up for 1 night. In addition to 24x 26K lumen Barco DLP video projectors, the production included high powered lasers, external lighting effects and a massive lighting array on the exterior of the dome.

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